Six Amazing Things Healthy And Fit People Do Differently

February 4, 2014
Six Amazing Things Healthy And Fit People Do Differently

As a gym regular who has been with an eclectic mix of people, you could say I’ve seen it all. It doesn’t surprise me anymore when I see newbies start off strong with a fiery determination to lose weight only to see their motivation dwindle overtime until there is nothing left to hold on to and they just imminently disappear from sight.

And then there’s the group of amazingly fit people who, even after years of training, are still hardcore dedicated. It’s not that they don’t have their own fair share of ups and downs because I’ve seen them sneak a bar of chocolate after a workout and often I find them in pubs drinking gallons of beer but what I admire most about these people is that even when they slip they find a way to get back up again. And they surprise me by showing up at the gym the next day.

Because I too have been tempted every once in a while to just give up, I decided to ask these people what makes them stick to their goals. And what makes them different and what they do to keep the fire burning after all this time.

Here are six amazing things healthy people do differently that make them good role models.

  1. Fit people don’t make excuses; they find solutions.

It’s not always going to be a smooth sailing ride and that’s a fact. There will be struggles along the way, struggles that may make you want to quit but those who are determined will shove their struggles aside and continue on because they are the ones who find solutions; they don’t make excuses, they just make it work.

  1. Fit people are all for starting anew.

Temptations are everywhere and they’re always asking for your attention. Like when you’ve planned a gym date at the end of your work shift and all of a sudden a friend invites you over for some beer. It’s hard to resist and you’d more likely imagine yourself sipping ice-cold beer with soothing music in the backdrop while you feast on greasy fries and perhaps when you’re too wind down you won’t feel guilty ordering a thick slab of barbecued ribs. But think about it, successful people don’t stop. Even when at times they give in to temptations it doesn’t mean they’re doomed forever. Fit people make mistakes but they get back up and start anew. It’s never too late to do the right thing.

  1. Fit people always have a vision in mind.

What makes fit people remarkably great compared to quitters is they always keep their visions in mind regardless of the circumstance and this is what keeps them going. They usually envision their fitness success story and imagine what it would feel like when they’re finally there or how would they look like or how would they feel about it. Having a vision and holding on to it as if their life depended on it is what makes them bound for fitness success.

  1. Fit people surround themselves with people who share the same fitness goals as they do.

No man is an island and sometimes we need a few help from our friends to get by. There is however, an important aspect that you need to consider. Just because you need friends doesn’t mean you can ask help from just about anyone because if you wind up with the wrong company you can say goodbye to your fitness goals. What you need is a set of friends who are also in the same fitness track as you are. So when the time comes when you feel burnt out and tempted to crawl back into your old lifestyle, your friends are going to pull you back up and knock some sense into you. These people will ignite your motivation to keep you from falling by encouraging you to push harder and by reminding you the reasons why you started in the first place.

  1. Healthy people are extremely organized when it comes to planning meals.

I know for a fact that fit people have lives outside the gym. They have work, they run businesses, they take care of the house, they do chores and so much more but what makes fit people praiseworthy is they know these things yet they are still able to maintain their fitness goals. One good example is prepping for meals. I know that some people are just too busy that squeezing cooking is close to impossible. Fit people plan and prepare ahead and they keep these meals sealed in microwavable dishes so when they’re out and about, they just pop it in a heater and they’re good to go. They enjoy healthy, calorie-restricted meals that are in line with their goals because they prepare them way ahead. They don’t give in to temptations by saying that they forgot or they were too busy. Fit and healthy people always make time.

  1. Fit and healthy people have a schedule and they stick to it.

Fit people just don’t go to the gym whenever they feel bad for overeating. They go to the gym because it’s part of their schedule. Making something a part of your every day schedule is one step to transitioning that activity and turning it into a permanent habit. And they don’t just make schedules they make sure they stick to it.

These six amazingly inspiring behavior will help you reach your fitness goals in life regardless of what you are going through. Always remember that a true fitness journey is not an easy ride. There will always be bumps and patches along the way but what makes it a successful one is if you don’t allow obstacles to ruin what you’ve started. Losing your motivation is pretty common among quitters and that is essentially why they choose to cut their journey short. The important thing about reaching your fitness goals is to learn how fit and healthy people live their lives based on these six things they do differently.