How Can You Improve You Relationship With Your Dentist or Doctor?

June 5, 2017
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We don’t pay any mind to our relationships if they don’t affect us as much. We’ve somehow developed a habit of indifference in an attempt to protect our emotional welfare. If you want to be better you have got to learn how to improve your relationship with your doctor and this article will show you how. This is important because overall health is a key contributor to success in your life.

These are just some of the reasons behind the positive health outcomes of patients who have a mutual friendship with their dentists. In a research led by a number of dental clinics in Fort Worth, Texas, there were thirteen trials that were examined and analyzed wherein the dentists involved took training in order to improve how they related with their patients. This was to check if the relationship between dentist and patient improved and to find out if the patients’ teeth health would improve as well. Take for instance, the result of excellent patient to dentist relationships for Dr. Tiana Pham, a dentist in North Richland Hills. This resulted in better overall teeth and gum health, as well as reduced cavities and need for implants.

If someone obviously doesn’t like us, we make every effort not to cross paths with them because hey, it’s always easier to just avoid toxic people than force ourselves to change for their liking, right? But what if the relationship we are talking about here is the kind of relationship you have with your dentist. Would you shrug it off? Or would you find ways to improve them? It goes without saying patients who have a good working relationship with their dentists are likely to show up for their follow-up appointments. And they are also likely to be open with them and heed their advice.

As a matter of fact, researchers concluded that the overall improvement on all thirteen studies was tantamount to the added boost that flossing daily has on a person’s risk of getting cavities. The author of the study said that even though the effect was relatively insignificant, it is not smaller compared to the control group.

Having a great relationship between a patient and a doctor can also result to good health outcomes, as this has been evident in the past. Take for instance, in a particular study that revealed diabetic patients who were more efficient and compliant at checking their blood sugar levels when their doctors were kind and compassionate towards them. This was according to Rodney Tucker, a medical doctor at who also works for the University of Alabama. Tucker was involved in the said study. He also added that the findings of the study were just “common sense”.

While doctors together with their colleagues are undertaking training to ensure they build improved relationships with their patients, keep in mind that it’s takes two to tango. As a patient responsible for your own health, you also have to learn how to get along with your doctor so you can improve your relationship with them for better health results. You are not only doing this for the sake of friendship but for your health’s sake as well.


Here are some techniques to develop a good working relationship with your dentist or physician:

You must be ready for your appointment as if you are preparing for a report at school. Getting to your doctor’s clinic on time is not enough although this is very important. Aside from coming to his clinic on the dot you should also have with you samples of all the medications you are currently taking whether these are prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs. You should also bring notes on important information like if you’ve just gotten a shot recently. If you are the forgetful type it also helps if you take notes of any health problems you recently experienced just in case you forget to mention them to your doctor or if you have any other health-related issues you’d want to discuss. While you’re meeting with your doctor be completely throughout and tell them all of your health concerns without leaving a single detail out.

Learn how to prioritize your health problems. While it’s common knowledge that doctors are always in a hurry, this does not mean you should shortchange your meeting to fit into a thirty-minute discussion or less. Our advice before you meet with your doctor is to make a tangible list of all the issues you wish to talk about. Once you set foot inside the clinic tell your doctor about the list you made and mention it all to him right at the beginning of the appointment. Also, it helps that you ask your doctor how many are on your list can you discuss in one meeting because if your meeting is pressed on time your doctor will usually advice you to schedule for another meeting until everything on your list gets covered.

Stay tuned for next week’s post, where we will be writing about a few more ways to improve your relationship with your doctor or dentist.

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